Our Beer

We offer a unique selection of hand crafted house brewed beers. Our handles rotate frequently, so check our tap list for an up to date listing of what is available!

Chieftain Session IPA

This sessionable IPA is packed full of fruity citrus flavors. A generous amount of wheat adds to the mouthfeel and clean refreshing finish. A firm bitterness rounds out the flavor of this palatable ale. The perfect companion to your day, rain or shine!

4.8% ABV

Full Day IPA

This India Pale Ale boasts a strong backbone of caramel and biscuit malt flavor. A fruity bitterness dances on the palate with hints of mango and lemon. It finishes with a touch of warming esters. This full bodied IPA is the perfect end to a full day!

7.5% ABV

Meridian Wit

This Belgian style Witbier is golden in color and refreshing! A strong peppery citrus aroma and crisp taste shine through thanks to the generous amount of coriander used in this ale. The traditional Belgian yeast accentuates the flavors by adding some clove like phenols to the mix. This delicious tart ale is best enjoyed between the suns rise and it’s meridian!

5.3% ABV

Big Sky Steam Lager

Steam beer was a blue-collar worker’s beer of choice in the 1800s. Steam filled the sky from air cooled shallow fermenters before refrigeration was commonplace. A Modern take on this warmer fermented lager showcases a big caramel malt profile and a spicy, earth bitterness with a very clean finish.

5.3% ABV

Golden Breakfast Oatmeal IPL

This beer is unique in many ways! Golden in color, this aromatic beer has a delicate honey-like malt character hidden behind the massive hop aroma and flavor. Although the finish is fairly dry, the large addition of oatmeal lends a nice full mouthfeel. A very clean finish from the lager yeast is sure to start your day off right!

5.1% ABV

Wet Hop Black RyePA

This RyePA was brewed with fresh Michigan Chinook hop cones picked hours before they were added to the hopback! Roasted malts and bright hops meet in the aroma. Chocolate and toffee notes meld with spicy and vegetal hop flavors with a nice firm bitterness.

7.5% ABV

Tomahop Imperial IPA

This Imperial India Pale Ale is not for the faint of heart! A huge upfront hop bitterness lingers on the tongue through each sip. A strong aroma of floral, pine and grapefruit follow through to sticky resinous warming esters and massive hop flavor with a very dry finish.

9% ABV

Iron Horse Porter

This beer showcases a toasted malty flavor profile. Caramel notes shine within the taste as a moderate bitterness pushes through. Nutty and chocolate notes continue through the finish. Warming esters follow along the ride through this delicious porter.

6.4% ABV

Blackhawk Stout

This bold brew is sure to satisfy the most refined of palates! Big coffee and chocolate notes follow into the finish. Roasted grains and a slight grapefruit hop flavor dominate the profile. A firm bitterness greets your senses as this ale finishes dry. This dark beer is sure to make you soar through the day!

6.2% ABV

Warrior Paint Imperial Coffee Stout

This giant stout was brewed with Mexican coffee beans from the local roasters at Newport Coffee House. Huge aromas of chocolate and coffee meet in the glass. Notes of caramel sweetness and roasted grains blend with fruity esters and dark chocolate. If you enjoy this full bodied ale, come back next winter and try it after it has aged in Buffalo Trace Whiskey barrels!

10.75% ABV